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Snowbird Spring 2005

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3/26    A flawless run to the airport, check bags, get an aisle seat on the exit row, all in under 55 minutes, marred by a  2 1/2 hour flight delay. Arrggh. Did not arrive in SLC until 3AM. Didn't get to the Cliff till 4AM, and sleep till 5AM. Out to ski after a 2 hour nap. A perfect bluebird day with 12-15" of fresh on top of the 75" from the past week!! About 40 degrees. Did 4 laps in Mineral Basin just as they opened Powder Paradise, then into Road to Provo just as it opened. Laps on Gad 2, and finally secret stash of fresh in the trees on lower tiger tail.



Gad 2 Lift riding 3' above the snow!!                                                          Fresh lines in Mineral Basin


3/27  Another bluebird day. Everything was pretty tracked out (that's Snowbird on the weekend). Did 3 traverses out to the bookends for the little remaining fresh. Skinned back up to the lift. Then over to Alta for lunch. Sat at Waston shelter for an hour and a half.  The usual double bacon cheesburger (heart attack on a roll) and brownie. Probably for the last time. I'm sure they're going to knock it down finally this year, and put up a lousy new structure to go go with the new lift. Snow got real heavy in the 50 degree sun. Headed in a little early to the spa.




                                                                      Looking down the trees at the Bookends                                                           Digging out at Mid-Gad


3/28   And the snow started again. Took the morning off to work and let it start accumulating. My ploy was that everyone would head out at 9AM and be done with the low visibility and blowing snow by 11:30AM. Went out at noon to 4:30PM at GAD 2 tearing through the trees. Took it to a whole new level. Probably 10 inches fell throughout the day and more overnight.



                                                 Explosives in the tram plaza                                                                                           White out at Hidden Peak


3/29   Woke up and the clouds parted and it was bluebird!! Hit fresh in Little Cloud and GAD2 all morning. Snow moved in by lunch. Called it an early afternoon, saving it for tomorrow.



                                              Little Cloud Lift with Salt Lake City in the background!                                                                     The Cliff Lodge Atrium


3/30   Beyond epic. Mystical. Often talked about but rarely seen. Like a unicorn. After interlodge was called off at 9:15AM, Peruvian opened at 10AM. over 30"s of lake effect snow. Classic too much snow and not steep enough. The canyon road is closed. Alta is closed. 250 people out in a raging blizzard. 11AM the tram opens for only regulator and cirque traverse. Tram rides with only 35 people in the car and 3' deep shots down Mach Schnell and Wilbere Bowl. Everything shut back down by 2PM and back to interlodge by 4PM. Hoping tomorrow the road doesn't open till after 10AM!!



                                                                         Mostly Empty Tram Rides                                                                                                      OK!



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