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Snowbird December 2006

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Day 1: The Snow Starts - Lapping the trees at Gad 2 lift



Day 2: People start to get crazy



Day 3: Salt Lake City in the Distance.  After 30" of fresh snow, its time to open Little Cloud Bowl.

The untracked view, yours truly the first paying customer!!



Day 5: Dean running a hasty search drill with Ski Patrol at the bottom of Silver Fox. Complete with beacons, probes,

dogs, and the Recco system.



Tram control center. Snow on the Tram Plaza. Red tram takes off. Getting off of the tram at Hidden Peak!



View of Alta and Mt. Superior. Tearing it up in front of the Cliff Lodge. View From the room. View of Salt Lake from Hidden Peak.




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all photos courtesy of M.Bosworth Copyright 1999-2007