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Seattle 2009

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Budget trys to give me a free rental car upgrade. If I knew how much snow was headed our way I probably should have taken it!


It was a bluebird day at Alpental with a whopping 30 cars in the parking lot.  At the top of the high speed quad from the base area you are greeted by a wonderful sign:


My kinda place. Yep some steep terrain:


Top it off with the fact that more than a 1/3 of the area is "side country" through the gates, it's pretty cool. (all the stuff on the right side of the map!)


End of the day, all being said, you're still only 45 minutes from stompin around downtown Seattle's Pike Market.




Well, the snow started last night and by the time we got to the parking lot there was probably 5  inches. After a brief  skin up toward Snow Lake, we decided to change our tactics and stay lower in the trees. (yep it was puking snow so hard the auto focus on the camera didn't want to work) As you can see, out back there was  5" covering  at least another 12".



With protection from the wind, Matt, Roger and I  spent the rest of the afternoon taking a run in BCG's secret stash below Snoqualmie Mountain. A great day of skinning and 4,000' of vertical in pristine powder.




Well, the following day we went again with staying low in the trees. Now we found ourselves breaking trail in between knee and hip deep snow! Was there 24 inches of fresh? 30 inches? Who could say?



and yes even some photos of me! (in the backseat)


not too much snow:





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