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Elbrus 2005

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Hotel Ukraina

6/25 – 6/26    5:30 Delta flight out of JFK direct to Moscow. Barely had enough time to make the   flight. Painless 8 and a half hours. Picked up at the airport and zipped straight to the Hotel Ukraina, one of 7 Stalinist skyscrapers set on the banks of the Moskva River. It  is one of many famous landmarks in Moscow’s architecture. Checked in and met my guide, Mason. We went for a bite of pizza and it poured. Later we strolled Ul Arbat St. and had dinner.



 Red Square


6/27   A beautiful day in Moscow. After a huge breakfast, we studied the maps and went for a walk. Met back up for a city tour in the afternoon. Saw Red Square, the Kremlin, and all of the sights.



Lenin looking over us.


6/28    Travel day from Moscow to Elbrus area. Once we got all of our oversized luggage checked through at the Moscow domestic airport, we headed to the gate for our Siberian Airlines flight. It was the most cramped plane ever with no ventilation!! For my 4th flight in a row I was seat next to the 300 pound gorilla that thought he deserved his seat and half of mine. Arrgghhh! Luckily it was only a two hour flight.


Security is tight and there were lots of check points once we got in our transfer van to go to Cheget. Another 3 hours in the van and we got to our brand new hotel in time for dinner.



View of Elbrus off of the Mt. Cheget lift.


6/29  We are finally here in the Caucasus mountains. The complete opposite of the Russia of Moscow. Just a very small sleepy ski village with no one here, now that the ski season is over. Both Mt. Cheget and Elbrus have ski lifts on them. After breakfast we met up with our local guide Soltan. We started our acclimization hike by taking a lift up Mt. Cheget, which gave us our first view of Elbrus.  After climbing to about 10,000 feet we made a loop to a glacier fed lake. After a rest on the slopes of Mt. Cheget, we returned back to town for an amazing shih kabob lunch. A very restful afternoon with the usual PM rainstorm.























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