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Ecuador 2004

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11/7    Toured around Quito today, then went up to Ossy’s house in the hills above the city. Hiked above in the hail. Damn rooster kept me up all night!



Quito old city                                                                              Ossy’s house with llamas


11/8    Disappointing day.  Wasn’t prepared enough. Hiked about 3000’ up El Corazon. When we arrived at the ridgeline, there was serious cold and hail. Everything else was good – boots -  legs were not tired – just a massive headache -2 liters of water wasn’t enough. I got dehydrated on the drive down because hydration pack bite valve "bit it", so water intake was too sporadic. The hacienda outside of Machachi is beautiful (La Estation). Could definitely use it as a home base for the area. Hopefully I hold it together better tomorrow .



                                                                                        La Estation Hacienda                                                                          El Corazon 15,600'


11/9    We went in to Machachi (pop. 30,000) in the AM. Hit the internet café. Packed at La Estation to go to Illinizas. Left our extra gear at the hostel base (Hacienda el Refugio). Horse met us at the car parking spot and both of our big packs go up!! Climbed about 2,000’ to a very civilized hut at 15,000’. Lots of different groups, but when they were all done cooking, we had the place to ourselves. Since they were staying for extended periods, they were all tenting. The hut has toilets and a small generator to power some light bulbs!!! Started a half a dose regimen of Diamox. Still so-so and did not sleep well.



Machachi                                                                                               Hut at Illinizas


11/10  Left at 5:40AM to go up Illinizas Norte. Lots of loose rock and dirt. Not really my thing. Sporadic views throughout the climb. Managed to summit at 9::45AM 5126M / 16,875’. Going down was not as bad as I imagined. Went immediately into the hut and felt like shit. Must remember to walk it off. Ossy and I high tailed it back to the car just in time for the rain to start. Excellent roadside lunch. Then back through Machachi to Tambopaxi. The nicest place. Built about 3 years ago. View of Cotopoxi from the dining room. Cleanest bathrooms and showers, and dinner was the best included meal of the trip. Relaxed all evening with llamas parked outside. Nice Swarovski telescope in the dining room to watch rope teams progress on the mountain.



                                                                  Illinizas Norte Summit 5126m / 16,875’                                                                          Tambopaxi


11/11  Great night of sleep considering we were at 12,600’. Relaxing morning – shower and change the Montero’s flat tire. Then we drove to the parking area at 4,600m. Hike with full pack to the Jose Ribas hut at 4800m. Great bagel lunch. The hut is more like a full visitor center with accommodations for 45 persons. Downstairs has two full kitchens with 2 stoves each, and two dining rooms seating 30+ persons. Full outdoor bathrooms (separate building) and payphone. To bed for 4 hours sleep before summit attempt.



                                                      Ice Wall before Cotopaxi Summit                                               Jose Ribas “hut”


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