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Chile 2006

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about 60 hairpin curves up to Valle Nevado, complete with horses!

The crew with a cloudbow and El Plomo in the background.

The hotels  with Plomo in the background.




Hiking up the Valley towards Plomo, getting ever closer. Sunset from my tent!




Friends along the way, fox tracks led me to some running water.

Hard slab avalanche: NHSD2R2  1130HRS  12,600'    SOUTH    8CM  DEPTH    170' CROWN




Can you see my tent? Second one is a little closer up.




Beautiful sunset, cresent moon over the lights of Santiago, as seen from Fallorones.




Before and after!




Driving up through Shangrila to Termas de Chillan.




Don Otto chairlift, longest one in South America.  Top t-bar with 10' high snow walls!!!




Snow covered!!!




Tearin' it up in Pillagaro Bowl!




Hiking and scrambling to the summit of Volcan de Chillan.

Smoke pouring out of the rocks and quite a view!!



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all photos courtesy of M.Bosworth Copyright 1999-2007