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Chile 2005

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8/27/2005: Drive from Santiago to Valle Nevado AKA the day from hell. Severe flooding in Santiago, and 6 hours stranded right below Valle Nevado in a raging blizzard. The last person up the road before it closes for 3 days!



                         Santigo Flooding     White out on the road up               Storm                     Buried cars      What the road looks like when cleared


8/28/2005: The storm rages. To stave off boredom we go skinning!



                                                                       new skins                                      raging blizzard



8/29/2005: Slightly clearing. 2.65 meters of snow. A single storm record. Only able to get the lower lifts open.




          Scotty's Tracks             Digging out        8' of snow on the terrace        Tearin' it up       Launching off the deck


8/30/2005: Andes Express open with powder all day in olympico.



powder shots


8/31/2005: Bluebird. Front lifts are now open!! Epic powder skiing every run.



                     a little hike up the ridge for blue sky background and the view!!                   Jimmy and Kurt          Beers on the deck!




                                     Nice tracks Scotty            Rick tearin' it up  . . . . . . and then takin' a rest      the end to a perfect day!


9/1/2005: This is the weather window. Another bluebird day and the snow is settling out. Time to hike to the top of Cerro La Parva.



 Skin up the left face and hit the ridge, 3 hours later step onto the summit just in time to see 5 skiers hop out of a chopper 100 yards below!!



Ski back down and drink beers on the deck with the local wildlife.


9/2/2005: Weather is starting to turn and another foot is expected by tomorrow. Pretty tired from hiking yesterday. Survived my first slab avalanche. Slab broke by the rocks about 5" deep on a west facing slope and knocked me off my feet!



                                    Slab                                          12' high walls digging out the Poma               One set of stairs is good enough!



9/3/2005: A complete whiteout complete with major snow blindness and vertigo. The food is much nicer to look at.




9/4/2005: Clear for several hours before the 50mph winds move in.




                                   wind swept icicles          the crew above olympico           Carrie killing pow     Scott watching the sunset from the pool


9/5/2005: Time to go and its still snowing. Probably another 8 inches since early this morning. Traffic jam on the one lane road back down.



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